Saturday, July 23, 2011

Verses for contemplative moments

Dr Abe V Rotor


1. Bromeliad - trees would be bare without you;
You hang on their limbs, and blossom, too;
Deep in your bosom some little ponds lie,
Oasis to fish, frog and dragonfly.

2. He and his sad story
Melt the heart that he be free;
Silence and a tearful plea
Gain him liberty.

3. He knows the locust story,
But what’s in the ant to envy?
The fool succeeds once, not twice
For being canny and wise.

4.Youth and death, pleasure and sorrow,
They come to this world after you;
But for as long as you don’t grow,
Whoever is next we don’t know.

5. Go for the stars, though beyond your reach;
Imagination, its string in our hand;
And creation at your fingertips,
Writing on the sand.

6. The earth is still, then it breathes,
and life begins to stir:
the blue greens rise,
mosses carpet the rocks
breaking them into sand and soil
until the earth teems with life.

7. Fewer are the grains in number
when the tillers fell into slumber.
The weak makes up for it frailty
in numbers and simplicity.

8. Meditate in kaleidoscope colors through the mist;
Leaves turn gold, falling from their place of birth,
And swept by the breeze to return to Mother Earth.

9. Let the breeze brush your forehead and whole being,
As you walk and tread with the spirits of the place
In Vivaldi’s rhythm with the setting sun,
Until all but one leaf is forever gone.

10. It’s a butt of joke often.
When a poor man eats chicken,
Either one of them is sick,
Or he came from the cockpit.

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