Saturday, July 23, 2011


Dr Abe V Rotor

From sea and land, meadow and top of trees,
I rise up in silence, pass the cicada singing,
Play with kites, draw silhouettes, and block the sun,
Till my purity is gone, and my freedom no more.
I roll with the thunder, take the force of bolt;
I come to wash the dirt, to bring hope to the dying;
And jolt the lazy seed from its hammock.

I fill the ponds and swell the lakes,
Along the stream I sing of joy,
Then lend stillness to birds singing,
And bring catch to a fisher boy.

I return in another body, in another form,
Rising into the sky still, riding on the breeze,
Or on winds ranging, hissing, howling;
I clash with the waves, sow terror and death.
I am Hyde while Jekyll is fast asleep.
Janus I am in another body, in another form,
To another child, at another time and place.

Time heals, and here I am to stay
As life is back to chores and toil
What I give when it’s time for school.
Is rainbow to the fisher boy.

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