Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Bleeding Heart of the Forest

"Oh, the bleeding drops of red
where once a forest stood,
barren, cold and dead..."

Dr Abe V Rotor
Bleeding Heart of the Forest, acrylic painting, 11"x14" (16"x19" double frame
wood natural finish), by AVRotor, 2015 

It is I, Homo sapiens, the thinking man 
 who changed the concept of creation,
 Nature to serve man, 
master and guardian. 

It is I, Homo faber, the maker,
wilderness to tame, resources to harness,
untouched these are,
they go to waste.  

It is I, Homo ludens, the playing man,
forest to hunt, mountain to climb,
work and leisure to me
keep my sanity.

It is I, Homo spiritus, the praying man,

mysteries I submit, mistakes I atone,
I, too, have a heart that bleeds,
the essence of being human. ~

Where have all the wildlife gone?

Dr Abe V Rotor

Asian tiger, Zoobic, Subic Zambales

I laid down my fishing rod a long time ago,
     and I haven't fired a shot since then, too,
for the wild has shrunk, the places I used to go -
     the shores and forests - now I hardly know.

Where have all the wildlife gone? I think I know;
     I hiked o'er the hill for a bundle of wood,
waded downstream to complete my favored stew,
     progress was unheard of, and life was good.

Is progress taming the wild and farming the seas,
     building golf range on grasslands, houses on fields,
ranches, plantations of crops and forest trees -
     or progress an accident of growing needs?

When Nature becomes spent and overpowered,
      pushed by growing affluence and number,
the wild leaves the world in waste and disorder,
      and a lesson for us all to remember.~


Dr Abe V Rotor
Kaohsiung, Taiwan 1992

I wish I were this fisherman by the sea with the world at my back,
that I'll be free; or that I'm seen this way through a keyhole,
from a restless throng, yet part of its whole;
the sea roars and the wind hisses through a rock -
and I, by the sea with the world at my back,
deserve not at all, more so when I am gone
to wear the shoes of the great Fisherman.~

Will you draw me a ship?

Dr Abe V Rotor

 Ma Victoria M Primicias, 8; awardee, 1994 NFA Art Workshop

Please draw me a ship.
Will you draw me a ship?
I am busy.
Will you draw me a ship?
I cannot draw.

Do you like Captain Hook?
He was a pirate.
The Galleon?
That's history.
That's for the Bible.

So she drew and drew and drew.
Here is a ship.
You can see the outside and the inside.
It is not Captain Hook's,
The Galleon, 
Or Noah's

I looked at her three-ships-in-one,
And into the soul of this child.
I have been a grown-up too long.

Will you draw me a ship?

                                          Light in the Woods, 1995 Megabooks 

Monday, May 22, 2017

10 Frankenstein monsters roaming in our midst

Dr Abe V Rotor

Hiroshima, aftermath of the first atomic bomb

 Holocaust, Nazi Concentration Camp in Auschwitz

Scene of Dr Frankenstein and the monster he created (Wikipedia),
based on the celebrated novel by Mary Shelly in the 19th century

Anyone who has read Frankenstein cannot forget the frightful scenario of a monster created in the laboratory that eventually turned against his master and terrorized the world - a reminder of the unpredictable consequences of science-on-the-loose.

Invariably we have revived the Frankenstein monster in many forms, such as these.

1. The invention of the atomic bomb and its subsequent progeny - hydrogen bomb, neutron bomb and cobalt bomb - that are far more deadly and destructive, and their stockpiling into a power keg that still exist today even after the Cold War has ended in 1989.

2. Medical breakthroughs in saving lives and extending life span contribute to the population explosion and demographic imbalance where societies are burdened by too many young who are unproductive and highly dependent, and elderly group, with increasing healthcare-dependent members.

3. Organ transplantation and replacement which is leading us farther and farther to a new frontier called bionics; a combination of the rational being and the robot, natural and artificial intelligence.

Image result for Frankenfood pictures

4. Genetically modified organisms (GMO) whereby it is possible to combine genes of organisms outside their kind, irrespective of species - or kingdom, for that matter. Bt Corn carries the gene protein of a bacterium - Bacillius thuringiensis - that parasitizes caterpillars that feed on corn crop. New strange life variations are sprouting defying identity and classification.  They are nameless like the monster created by Frankenstein.   

5. Mega-industrialization that has resulted not only to the demise of natural environments (ecosystems) and many species of organisms, but the destruction of the ozone layer and the gradual and steady buildup of atmospheric gases and temperature known as global warming. Global warming has alarming effects in changing climate patterns worldwide, spawning more frequent and more destructive force majeure from drought to f
lood to  typhoons and tornadoes.  

6. Urbanization leading to the growth of megacities which continue to destroy the homeostasis of rural-urban relationship, spawning poverty and leading to the degradation of human life at the source of migration on one hand, and at the burgeoning centers on the other.

7. Population explosion setting a record of 7.7 billion people today and doubling in less than fifty years if left unchecked - indeed a grim reminder of the ghost of Malthus two hundred years ago (Malthusian Theory), and a proof that the natural laws that govern survival has been radically changed.

8. Consumerism on which capitalism flourishes in the guise of progress and the good life, but in effect creates imbalance of the economy of nations, dividing them into power-wealth categories, and have and have-not, loss of values, and abusive exploitation of resources at the expense of Planet Earth.

9. Gold rush syndrome resulting in the Tragedy of the Commons, a principle that is based on Chaucer's Pardoner's Tale, a story that illustrates that greediness and wanton destruction has always a tragic end, as evidenced today by the declining fish catch in the ocean, dwindling freshwater supply, logged over forests, spent farms and  pastures, near exhaustion of fossil fuels, and the like.

10. While ecumenism bridges religions, cultism is divisive and segregative. There is a rise of the so-called hybrid religions which have lost their dogmatic identities, and are gaining popularity as a kind of religious liberation. On the other hand, more and more people around the world are drawn into the world of nones (people who have lost faith in organized religions) - if not the atheism, particularly those overwhelmed by the influence of postmodern living.~

These ten attributes of a modern Frankenstein haunt modern man and his society today exacerbated by his aim at globalization. The shrinking of the planet into a global village so to speak, through scientific breakthroughs, expansion of commerce and industry, opening of new frontiers of human settlement and habitation which sooner or later include the building of cities under th sea and in space, and the proliferation of multimedia making information accessible anywhere in any place of the globe - all these make the avenging monster closer to his creator, and therefore making him vulnerable to its evil intent. Such is the story of Mary Shelley's fiction that has a tragic ending - the destruction of both monster which never bore a name, and its creator - the young genius, Frankenstein. ~

12 Ways to Enhance your Personality

Dedicated to the late Jesus T Tanchanco, former minister and administrator, National Food Authority (1971-1986).
Dr Abe V Rotor
Living with Nature School on Blog
Dr and Mrs Abe V Rotor exchange pleasantries with former NFA administrator Jesus T Tanchanco (right) during the last homecoming of former NGA-NFA employees in 2012.  It was the last meeting of our group with this great man.    

1. Live in the present. Live today. 

2. Forget the mistakes of yesterday. Yesterday has gone forever. 

3. Stop criticizing yourself and stop criticizing others. 

4. Yearn for self-improvement. 

5. Hold on to your self-respect by appraising yourself honestly. 
6. Learn to listen to others. It helps remove bias from your opinion. 

7. If you have a goal, reach for it. 

8. If you make a mistake, try again. 

9. Don't be timid in conversation. 

10. Exercise your imagination creatively to achieve success. 
11. Do one thing at a time. Shoot for one goal at a time.

12. Believe in the Providence not for luck but blessings.

From my old files I found this article designed for framing, so that it can serve as a daily personal reminder. Spontaneously I thought of my boss for fifteen long years, the admirable and respectable Jesus T Tanchanco, former administrator of the National Food Authority under the regime of President Ferdinand E Marcos.  During his time the Philippines became not only self-sufficient in rice and other major agricultural commodities, but a net exporter as well. The Philippines attained the status as exporter of rice in Tanchanco's time like Thailand and Vietnam today.   I realize that the success of a leader - a government official - depends largely on personality which is the embodiment of all qualities of that person.    

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Part 1 - Real DISTRACTIONS on the Road. Quicksand syndrome

Republic Act No. 10913 or the Anti-Distracted Driving Act officially took effect Thursday, May 18, about 10 months after it became law in July. It's time to restore sanity and save ourselves from the "Quicksand Syndrome"Dr Abe V Rotor 
Living with Nature School on Blog
Paaralang Bayan sa Himpapawid (People's School-on-Air) with Ms Melly C Tenorio
738 DZRB AM Band, 8 to 9 evening class Monday to Friday

Here are photos taken with a palm size camera from the front seat of a passenger car.  Come up with advocacy to make our world a better place to live in. What is your contribution to save us from collective downfall?  

(1.) Rolling billboard - cause of accidents, holdups, a camouflage for dilapidated buses.  Who is collecting the fee?  

(2.) Advertisements everywhere. Freedom of expression?  Or human right violation.

(3.)  "Clean your car boy" in heavy traffic. 

(4.) Squatting on the street - special privilege or tolerance.   
(5.) Loading and unloading while vehicle is in motion. 

(6.) Multiple Advertisement -  mobile window shopping. 

(7.) Save romance in a private place.  Only a bum can't understand.

(8.) Overloaded passenger jeepney - one for the Book of Guinness 

(9.) "Mother and child" on the street. 

(10) Concrete barriers bear marks of accidents - and death. Who cares?

(11) Padyak tricycles rule a city's thoroughfare.

(12)  No warning signs and demarcation. No traffic aide.  No workers.   

13. Traffic jam. Truck ban and color coding violation. 

(14) Highly flammable loose LPG tanks  - keep distance! 

(15) Traffic accident argument builds traffic jam. 

(16) Moving tower of softdrinks. Take the backseat leaning tower of Pisa. 

(17) These boys prefer the street than the school.  

(18) Super jeepney, super driver, super clingers rolled in one.  

(19) A street corner scene depicts quaintness and passivity of life, needs  revision of street rules and regulations.    

(20) Scene from a bridge. Where has the estero gone?  Squatting on waterways.

(21) Overloading a familiar scene, okay lang all the way.

(22) Rallyists rule the street.

(23) Underpass waterfalls. Quezon Ave-EDSA underpass 

(24) Simple road courtesy - just a little sensibility.
(25.) Failed smoke emission test.  But why still on the road?  Commonwealth Ave., QC

(26.) Sub-culture in our midst, marginalized community in Tondo, Manila. Distraction is ironical. 

 (27) Death trap and "bouquet." A touch of Surrealism 
(28) Resistance to demolition of shanties order along Agham Road, QC. 
29. A flag of anarchy flies.  
(30) Take a break with these mascots.  Wish they were real where the problems lie. Too much consumerism. ~