Friday, July 29, 2011


Miniature Replica of Blue Whale; and skull of Right Whale, Museum of Natural History, UPLB, Laguna

By Dr Abe V Rotor

Gulliver's story is right
where bigness is might,
trampling the small,
or devouring them all;
yet succumbs to want
or gnawed by ant.

Lo! The dinosaur's fate
outside Heaven's gate,
was doomed to oblivion,
and never left any scion,
except the lowly chicken,
the Archeopteryx risen.

Bless you dear whale
survivor of the comet's gale,
born after its fiery tail,
champion of Darwin's tale,
from land to sea you turned
and never returned.

And in the endless sea
where you are free,
you are king by size,
but also a harpoon's prize.

Will your fate be the same

as the dinosaur's fame?

x x x

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