Saturday, July 23, 2011

Examination in Physical Science

Dr. A.V. Rotor

Part 1 – Encircle the letter of the correct answer.

1. In modern society the fourth basic necessity of man is A. Food B. Clothing C. Energy D, Shelter
2. Based on the above, A B C D is the primordial need as compared to the others.
3. These are sources of energy that man can economically tap, except one. A. Deuterium B. Gravity C. Sunlight D. Garbage or rubbish
4. Based on the above, A B C D is the ultimate source of energy contained fossil fuels, if only we trace and analyze it.
5. In the Philippines the main source of electric power is from A. wind B. hot rock C. Gravity D. Salty water
6. Based on the above, A B C D drives water turbines which in turn produce electricity.
7. The fifth fuel mentioned in the book renewable energy is A. Conservation B. Firewood C. Fire in the Earth D. Green Energy
8. Based on the above, A B C D is the main source of household fuel especially in remote areas.
9. Telephone was invented in the 19th century by A. Newton B. Bell C. Whittle D. Newcomen.
10. Based on the above, A B C D patented the jet engine when he was only 23.
11. The earliest material used by man for his tools is A. Wood B. Stone C. Bronze D. Clay
12. Based on the above, A B C D is the material used in making the oldest vessels or containers such as jars and pots.
13. Among these metals, the most economical to recycle today is A. Aluminum B. Mercury C. Silver D. Copper
14. Based on the above the best conductor of electricity is A B C D .
15. The telescope was invented A 400 B 200 C. 300 D 1000 years ago
16. Based on the above, the invention of the microscope was A B C D ago
17. These are men who laid the foundations for the present space age. One of them is an astronaut. A, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky B. Robert Goddard C. Hermann Oberth D. Neil Armstrong
18. Based on the above A B C D rode the moon buggy.
19. The inventor of the moon buggy graduated from A. Mapua B. UST C. UST D. NASA
20. Our planets appears blue from outer space because of this reason. A. It has a blue atmosphere B. Clouds cover the surface which reflects the surface C. The earth is two-thirds water D. The bluish color shows we still have a pristine atmosphere.
21. The atmosphere of Mars is predominantly A. Nitrogen B. Oxygen C. Carbon dioxide D. Water vapor.
22. Based on the above, A B C D dominates our own atmosphere.
23. The red planet is no other than A. Earth B. Mercury C. Venus D. Saturn.
24. Based on the above A B C D is the brightest of all planets.
25. The largest of all planets is A. Saturn B. Jupiter C. Earth D. Mars.
26. Which of these planets is a gas ball? A. Saturn B. Earth C. Venus D. Pluto
27. Based on the above, A B C D is the farthest planet.
28. The sun is mainly made up of this gas. A. Hydrogen B. Helium C. Carbon Dioxide D. Oxygen
29. Based on the above, A B C D is the source of power to run our cars replacing fossil fuel in the near future.
30. A diver on the surface of the sea has a weight on only A. one atmosphere B. 2 atmospheres C. 3 atmospheres D. 4 atmospheres.
31. Based on the above A B C D is the pressure exerted by water against our body if we dive to 10 meters.
32. Nodules mined by sweepers at the bottom of the sea are made of A. Manganese B. Gold C. Aluminum D. Silver
33. Based on the above A B C D is mined from Bauxite.
34. Decompression means – A. The pressure is slowly lowered to enable the body to adjust to normal pressure B. Reducing the pressure little by little as the diver progressively goes down the sea. C. Adjusting the oxygen level of the diving mask D. Removing gas that is trapped in the blood.
35. One of these is used for deep sea exploration. A. Aqualung B Scuba C. Snorkel D. Diving bell

Part 2 - True or False.

1. Iceland is rich in hot springs and volcanoes.
2. It is the crust of the earth that moves in plates, resulting in earthquakes and the slow continental drift phenomenon.
3. There is now a new generation of plastics today that is degradable.
4. For centuries people believed that fevers were caused by too much blood in the body, hence the medicinal leech was employed to draw out some blood.
5. NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) is a brain-scanning machine.
6. Tissue culture of orchids is an example of in vivo culture.
7. Viruses can be cultured in vitro.
8. The upper limits of our atmosphere contain hundreds of junk materials that continuously orbit the earth.
9. Voyager 2 photographed the planet Saturn.
10. The earth is a giant magnet, with a magnetic field that stretches far into space.
11. A depression or cyclone in the northern hemisphere moves in a counterclockwise circular motion.
12. Probos and Deimos are satellites of Mars.
13. One Marian year is twice longer than an Earth’s year.
14. Jupiter is the planet Galileo discovered.
15. The Earth is smaller than Mars.
16. One day in Mar is 24 hours plus.
17. The prototype city in space is the Skylab.
18. Our sun is fixed in space – it has not moved from its original position. Only the planets move.
19. Marianas Trench is deeper than Mt. Everest is high.
20. Bends is the same as Caisson,s disease.
21. Bathyscaphe Trieste successfully probed the Marianas Trench and came back to the surface to tell the story.
22. Many creatures living in dark environments such as underground rivers have lost their sense of touch, but their eyes are large to compensate for lack of light.
23. It is not far that man will be living in cities under the sea just like Jules Verne’s version, “Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea.”
24. The Coelacanth is a living fossil.
25. Decompression is necessary for diver before he descends into the depth of the sea.

Answers will be posted soon.

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