Saturday, July 9, 2011

Part 1: Indigenous games children love to play

Part 1: Indigenous games children love to play
Dr Abe V Rotor
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Lesson: Reviving indigenous games for children.
Acknowledgment: These photos show the details of a composite wall mural at the Philippine National Children's Hospital, Diliman Quezon City. The mural, and other paintings about children and Filipino culture, can be viewed at the lobby and along the corridors of the hospital. They are open to the public.

The details of this mural provide a guide for young artists. Note the simplicity of style and colors in capturing the happy moods, and the natural and fleeting actions of children at play.

Write down the names of these games (and dances) in your local language as shown in these photographs. Describe how each one is played in your country, if applicable. Describe those indigenous to your own country or region.

How many dances can you identify? What cultures do they represent?

NOTE: Distortion of the figures is in the photographs, not in the mural.

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