Monday, July 18, 2011

Student Life: Self-Administered Test (True or False, 25 Items)

Dr Abe V Rotor

Assignment for Communication Art CA217 (3CA3 and 3CA5) UST. Write on a regular bond. If your answer is false for ceratin item, write the correct answer, or why it is false. )

1. To our beloved students in particular: Remember that good grooming encompasses holistic personality - the inside and outside of the person, so to speak, as reflected by his appearance and actions.

2. Wearing the uniform speaks of your personality – like being a teacher, student, parent, policeman, doctor, lawyer, etc. Off-uniform excuses you of your duties and the seriousness of your job – relax and be at ease.

3. Revive good handwriting in school is good but not necessary anymore, because of the technological advances of computers – writing, printing, recording, publishing, audio-visuals, blogs, e-mail – why care about handwriting, it’s passe’.

4. It is cheaper and faster, and most likely better tasting, fast foods as long as they are the top in the fast food chain – kilala, malinis, cordial pa ang servers, at international pa. Don’t bother to prepare baon. It’s messy – at mas expensive in the long run.

5. Etiquette is a code that influences expectations for social behavior according to contemporary norms within a society, social groups – in spite of this, there are common etiquette rules. That’s why children sent to exclusive religious schools are better disciplined and guaranteed to uphold values as a result of religious instruction.

6. Reward and punishment is a must between parent and children, teacher and student, or similar relationships where good deeds are compensated. The most potent and effective reward is that which can be translated into material things - and money, especially.

7. If you are in school, make sure that you behave so that your teacher will speak highly of you – pay attention in class and do your homework. Treat your teacher with respect. Do all these with the end in view of getting a good grade and earning a good reputation among your classmates – perhaps you get also a medal of good conduct and behavior.

8. Schools are not generally receptive to prohibit carbonated drinks and junk foods in school because these are major source of income of canteen and concessionaires.

9. Schoolyear, welcome back to school. It’s a joy to our children. They look forward to it. To many, it’s more than all the Holidays. Kaya, pagbigyan mo naman sila. Give our children new clothes, shoes, notebooks, if possible all new – kaya nga new schoolyear. Pamper our children once – then we and they will adjust.

10. Bayanihan is only a lesson but not really a practice in schools. It’s in rural areas and on the farm where we see Bayanihan in Action – nonetheless our students should learn the concept of this Filipino value.

11. Flexibility as a virtue allows us to be thrifty and to save, to avail of those locally available, our own products, above all, it is a guarantee of our freedom and right – the right to choose.

12. Growing affluence and increasing level of living standard take us farther and farther away from the basic concept of work, thus less and less young people go for the blue collar courses, and blue collar courses are made into white ones.

13. Where have all the brilliant young ones gone? They are in engineering, biology, medicine, law and PMA. They are in computer science, health care and courses of the least resistance.

14. The corporate world swallowed up small businesses and farms, family business and cooperatives. Gone is Small is Beautiful (by Schumacher). That is why we should emphasize bigness as a guarantee of success.

15. A(H1N1) or swine flu is so contagious, mere physical nearness can transmit the contagion, that is why quarantine rules and procedures are very strict all over the world. And swine flu is as deadly as Avian Flu and Sars. This, we must warn our children.

16. Be Green, means planting trees, cleaning the surroundings, eating more fruits and vegetable, and practicing Ecological Intelligence. Between styrophore and wax paper, plastic and banana wrapper, go for the biodegradable.

17. You really cannot attribute success neither to your capability alone, nor Providence alone. There are simply people who tend to rely more on their own capabilities before they expect Providence to intervene. Likewise there are those who tend to believe that Providence above all else dictates a person’s success.

18. A person who attributes his success to the Higher Principle, the Unseen Hand, more than his own capability, his efforts, sacrifices, is an existentialist. This philosophy is called Existentialism.

19, 20, 21, A lot of young people grow up in sub-cultures of brokenness, divorce, drugs, sexual temptations, etc. They may have friends, and much leisure – but they are constantly looking of some kind of fulfillment and assuring thoughts and feeling, a real sense of belonging. There are three most important institutions that can save our children, namely

22. The greatest concern parent have on our children with subjects of 25 units, and many assignments is _____________ . All work and no play makes a dull boy and there is something more serious.

23. Pour number one advocacy for this school year is _____________ because of the current threat of swine flu epidemic.

24. Manila, because of the Marikina Fault line, and the alluvial ground, and rising sea water, is ranked lately as No _____as earthquake prone. That’s why we have to take emergency drills seriously, specially in school.

25. Fatalism is in Pilipino _______________

The answers will be posted in a week's time.

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