Friday, July 22, 2011

Retreat by the Lake

Dr Abe V Rotor

Aerial View of Caliraya Lake and watershed

Lake Caliraya is a man-made lake situated in the municipalities of Lumban, Cavinti, and Kalayaan in Laguna province, Philippines. Created in 1939, the lake was developed as a hydroelectric plant, and is now a popular spot for water sports and outdoor recreation including fishing, and retreat.
 Summer Milky Way above Caliraya Lake 

A rainbow forms a cathedral in the sky;
the trees bow in deciduous obedience;
the lake mirrors the sun,
shimmers in dancing ripples
as the Siberian High combs the fields and hills,
while a flock of herons follows the setting sun -
and soon the day will be gone;

the night is studded with countless gems
twinkling eyes in the sky;
Ephemeral these views are in make-believe story,
yet they live in lasting memory.

A retreat by the Caliraya Lake recreates
the biblical scenes around the Sea of Galilee,
and the undulating woods echo the holy words
of the Sermon on the Mount.
Atop the hill appears a silhouette that brings
the faithful to his knees.
Imagery, more powerful than reason,
rekindles faith,
faith that lights the torch of reason for living,
and reason for being.

I touched the water and came back to reality.

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