Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Living Overture

Painting and Poem by Dr. Abe V. Rotor
Courtesy of Francis & Mila Pasicolan & Family

The earth is still, then it breathes,
and life begins to stir:
the blue greens rise,
mosses carpet the rocks
breaking them into sand and soil
until the earth teems with life.

Life overtakes time
and everything is fuzzy,
branching out to every corner
from equator to the permafrost.
from amoeba to sapiens.

The flowering plants,
first shy to the world, they beam
for the bees and butterflies
to come and kiss them,
and under the obelisk sky,
life flows, evolves,
and goes on forevermore.

I, too, shall join you in time;
the oxygen and food
you make are also mine,
and death we shall share,
and our genes shall live
in each own offspring
and live life forevermore
until in earth becomes still
once more.

x x x

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