Monday, May 25, 2009

Ilokano Verses

Puris ken Salugsog (Thorn and Splinter)
By Abe V Rotor

Biag ti hustisia, no saan nga pabor kenka,
Ad-adu’t agin-awa.
Justice, if not in your favor, likely favors others more.

Idardarirag, laplapusanan,
Exaggerated stories are wanting and false.

Naulimek, ulep nangisit, nataray,
Bagyo umay.
Calm and swift passing dark clouds,
prelude of a storm

Agringringngat, umang-anges,
The parched earth actually is sleeping.
(This is called fallowing.)

Agkakabsat, maymaysa iti ama,
Siblings, same birthday, one father, how is that?
(Applies to insects and other lower

Sanga’t ngato, silo nga agbibitin.
Noose up on a tree sways in the wind.
(It's a reminder of the consequence of a crime.)

Aggidyat to dagiti agpapada.

Things that are the same end up differently.

Sakbay nga natay, umul-uli idiay bantay.
If he died reaching for the summit, surely he is there now.

Ag-riing manen dagiti ruru-ot,
Sagut gurruod.

Lightning and thunder wakes the weeds.

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