Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thailand Tidbits in Verses

Mural on the Wall

Mural, mural on the wall
Tell me who's the fairest of them all,
The grandest, the most powerful -
The wall is mute, its message full
Of wealth, power before the Fall,
Sans the secrets of its soul.~


Tourists like you all, I know,
for the art of Janus in two,
viewing the past with awe,
and looking into tomorrow,
taking photos of memento
through a smudged window,
or on a roaring avenue,
then bidding a sad adieu.~

Chao Phraya River

The river is deep; its source is long;
Its shoulders broad, the sea is far.
Keeper of legends and ancestry;
It washes tears, reflects the stars;
Chronicler of culture and history.

Tourists Center

Incessant is life with joy and flair,
Under the sun, in the night’s air,
Like bees humming, fish circling,
Birds arriving, leaving.

Hotel Room

Simplicity is the rule and reference;
Colors melt in cream and gray pallor,
Ceiling meets floor, window and door,
Only the guests make the difference.
Dr. Abe V Rotor

Busy Lane

Busy feet and hands, mind and heart at race
On the fast lane, sidewalks blocked;
Where is order, dignity and grace?
Life never dims, stars just hang out.

Floating Market

Boat songs here are not of romance and gay,
But songs of bounty in the land of the free,
Floating down the meandering river to the city
Where the heart of trade throbs, throbs all day.

Macopa Hybrid

I know you on the backyard where I grew up;
A big tree laden with fruits and children,
I among them all day laughing, swinging
From branch to branch in pure joy and delight,
Never reaching our fill, unheeding old folks.

Now your fruits are bigger, perhaps sweeter,
In bright red skin to sad purple green,
Hanging on frail branches touching the ground,
When you were a living cradle with strong limb;
How frail indeed is man's ultimate aim. ~

Harp Bridge

I wish I were Gulliver to make you into a harp;
Together we make the most beautiful music;
Away from the maddening crowd, or the world asleep;
And we shall rise to the spirit of an art,
And span across the valley where life's not brief.~

Sea Bass in a Restaurant Aquarium

How sad their faces are though seemingly at ease;
I tapped the glass, they stared at me a friend;
With a camera I sealed their fate forever in peace,
Alive in memory but failed to save them.~

Ruin of Babel

Have I not before climbed this wall?
And the doves cooed.
Where have my friends gone after the Fall?
And the doves cooed.
Have I been reborn after all?
And the doves cooed.~


On a jet plane I'm Icarus,
fallen god - Homo sapiens.~

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