Sunday, July 24, 2011

Part 4: All About Allergy - Get out from Allergy Source

Reference: Ansorge R and E Metcalf et al (2001) Allergy Free Naturally Rodale Inc NY

Dusts from butterflies are tiny spears made of chitin, a very resistant material, that causes allergic reaction to many people. It is advisable not to play with butterflies and moths, more so in releasing them as part of marriage ceremonies.

Looking for a pollen free area?

Pollen is found floating in the air 400 miles out at sea and 2 miles up in the sky.
Scientists studying weather patterns in the Antarctic dig ice cores out of the landscape to examine pollen embedded in the samples and estimate when the winds blew the pollen there.
The late Filipino palynologist, Dr. Lolita Bulalacao developed a pollen calendar indicating what (species), when (season), where (location) pollen is likely to be encountered.
Once you’ve shed your clothes, hop into the shower and thoroughly wash off any allergens cling on the skin and hair.
You can prepare a hypertonic saline nasal solution by combining 1 li distilled water (tepid), 1 tbsp salt and 1 tbsp baking soda.

Allergy-Free Workplace and Allergens’ Troublesome Co-workers
1. Carpenters – acrylate (adhesives), amines (lacquers), isocyanates (paint, foam), anhydrides (plastic), wood dust
2. Farmers, gardeners – pesticides, insects, molds
3. Veterinarians, petshop owners – animal allergens, feeds, disinfectants
4. Hospital and healthcare workers – antibiotics, formaldehyde, latex,
5. Bakers, millers – cereal grain, flour dust, hay, silicates, insects
6. Beauticians – persulfates, ethyl enediamine
7. Janitors, cleaners – Chloramine-T, detergents, dyes
8. Office workers, market vendors, musicians – wide range of allergens

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