Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mother Teresa's Response on Receiving the Nobel Prize for Peace

Transcribed by Abe V Rotor with the assistance of Sister Veny Rotor, from the film, Mother Teresa of Calcutta,

Now and then we look for passages we wish to reflect on. I offer these words of wisdom and compassion coming from a living saint in her time, words that flowed out from an inexhaustible spring of love in her heart and soul. In that hall, Mother Teresa held the whole world to stand still.

“I accept this award for the glory of God, in the name of the hungry and the naked, of the homeless, of the crippled, of the lepers, the blind; in the name of those who are unwanted, who are uncared for and humiliated. In their name I accept this award because it will bring understanding and love between the rich and the poor - because all of us here are proclaiming to the poor we love them, that they had been created with the loving hands of God to love and to be loved. If we turn our back to the poor we turn our back to God. At the hour of our death we shall be judged by what we have done unto the poor. God bless you.”

Let's love the poor so that the whole world prospers.

Response of Mother Teresa of Calcutta on receiving the Nobel Prize for Peace

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