Sunday, July 10, 2011

More Philippine Myths and Beliefs

Dr Abe V Rotor

Mosquitoes become agressive before a rain.
There's scientific basis to this. It is egg-laying time and mosquitoes need blood, but only female mosuitoes bite for blood, males feed on plant exudates and dewdrops.

People change, people grow up and get old, and eventually die. Myths and beliefs get old too, but they will never fade. (Graciel Dadulla)

This set of myths and beliefs came from students in Communication Art at UST. The ultimate source of myths and beliefs is almost impossible to trace. Credit is given to these young people in helping preseve our cultural heritage, the Philippines being a country of rich tradition.

1. Getting married within the same year that someone died in your family is a bad luck. (G Dadulla)

2. If a dog howls at night with the wind blowing, it means there is somebody who just passed away. (Marivie Sapitan)

3. Bury a dead animal beside a tree and it will bear more fruits. (There's a scientific basis of this practice - increased soil fertility.) - M Sapitan

4. A bride should not fit the wedding dress the day before the wedding day, or bad luck will befall on her. (Renee E Cagno)

5. Putting garlic inside your socks could prevent you from catching colds. (There may be a scintific basis to this since garlic is used as a home remedy for many common ailments.) - R Cagno

6. Cracking your knukles will cause you to have arthritis in the future. (There may be a scientific basis. Unecessarily straining muscles, nerves and tendons will weaken them in the long run.) - R Cagno

7. Reading features of the body (Efraim Fernandez): Men with hairy chest are playboys. People with eyebrows that almost meet easily get jealous. A person with big ears will have a long life. A mole on one's back is sign of laziness; on the hand signifies wealth or theivery; on the feet, an adventurer; along tear path, widowed. It depends on the size and location, which is sometimes in a most unlikely place.

8. When offering a toast, look at every person in the group in the eye. It's bad luck not to do so. (Actually this is protocol or etiquette. ) MKF Sarmiento

9. Jump over someone when he is sitting on the ground and he will never grow tall. (Imagine if this is done repeatedly.) - MKF Sarmiento

10. Jump on New Years Eve and at dawn of Easter Sunday and you will grow tall. (MKF Sarmiento)

11. Don't open an umbrella inside the house, it will bring bad luck. (Alyana Mariz Cabatic) Or a lizard fall from the ceiling.

12. About wakes (AM Cabatic): Don't take a bath in the house of the wake. Don't bring mirrors during wakes, else another relative dies. Don't comb your hair in wakes. Put a chick on the coffin so the suspect's conscience will not put him to sleep. Relatives of the dead must not accompany visitors in going out of the place.

13. Changing places at the table when eating is a sign that the persons involved will change their spouses. (Liana Janelle Sangalang)

14. This is common. Dropping accidentally a spoon means a lady visitor is coming; if fork, a male visitor. There's no mention about dropping a table knife. (LJ Sangalang)

15. Serve noodles (pansit) on your birthday party and you will have a long and happy life.)
(LJ Sangalang)

16. Putting your child's first hair in a book will make him smarter. (LJ Sangalang)

17. When the moon and a star come close, a couple is eloping . (Alexander Kevin Dabuet)

18. When a pregnant woman is "blooming" expect a babygirl; when it's the opposite, a babyboy.
(Armina Criselda Soriano)

19. Don't give handkerchief as gift to a loved one, else he or she will always cry. (AC Soriano)

20. When three people pose for a photo, the one in the middle will be the first to die. (AC Soriano)

21. This is common at wedding ceremonies - throwing rice at the newly wed outside the church's door. This brings prosperity to the couple. (Christina Faye Huseña)

22. A baby who sucks his or her toes means that the mother will be pregnant again. (This is assumed that the baby is about to be weaned.) - C F Huseña

23. If you pull out a strand of white hair, more white hairs will come out. (Celine Garcia)

23. Now this is scary. If it's raining and sunny at the same time, a tikbalang (evil spirit with face of a horse) is giving birth. (Insects are favored to breed fast under this weather condition.) - C Garcia

24. Don't sing during meal because it could prevent you from getting married. (Aurora Wilwina Bassig)

25. If you were to give someone a bag or wallet, always put coins in it for good fortune. (Nicole Alejandro)

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