Monday, November 30, 2015

The Living Christmas Tree

The living Christmas Tree is the living Cross of Christ.  It gives food, water, shelter, energy, the basic provisions of life.  Above all, it is a great expression of love this Christmas Season.
 Dr Abe V Rotor 
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Don't cut trees for Christmas, don't!
Plant trees instead and build beautiful memories with the family as the trees grow Christmas after Christmas.  In the process they become living Christmas Trees the year round, and year in and out. For Christmas is not just for one occasion where a tree top is decorated and thrown away after. Millions of trees are sacrificed every Christmas this way.  .

Pine treetops for sale

This contributes to loss of vegetation, which in turn results in soil erosion and siltation, flooding and largely to global warming.

Loss of trees decreases oxygen in the air, since trees absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen.  They are the earth's primary lungs.  And they contribute to favorable micro climates in their domain. They catch the rain and store it as groundwater and spring.  They feed the streams and rivers and keep the ponds and lakes full, and the estuaries in good condition.

Just a single tree, we may say, does not mean anything - and it's Christmas.anyway and it comes once in a year   With millions, nay billions, celebrating Christmas, collective loss is unimaginable.

Tree planting  to save Mother Earth.

What can we do to have an instant living Christmas tree? You don't have to go far if there is a tree in your backyard on along the sidewalk.    

  • You can have a potted tree seedling by the window with simple decor.  No lights.  Just some ribbon and colored cutouts.
  • If the tree is large, decorate sparingly with a dozen lights, preferably LED.  Don't forget the traditional parol on its top, lighthouse effect of sort.
  • If there's a tree house, the ambiance of Christmas should be focused there.  The tree itself may be sparingly decorated. 
  • Shrubs and small trees are not exacting to decors.  Just don't over decorate.
  • Plant a tree this Christmas can be made as a community campaign.  Decide the place of tree planting: a park, along the highway, on a watershed.  Celebrate Christmas on this occasion. Don't forget to take care of the trees thereafter.  
  • Plant trees that are adapted in the area.  Conifers (pines) are temperate; get tropical species (e.g., narra)
Artificial Christmas trees (photo) are most convenient to have, but consider the cost and effect to health and environment. Recycled waste materials draws out artistic talent. This is fine, it reduces waste - or at least give a "second life", beauteous at that of materials otherwise thrown away. 

The most meaningful Christmas is one that addresses our time and effort in solving problems concerning the environment. The living Christmas Tree is the living Cross of Christ: it gives food, water, shelter, energy, the basic provisions of life, above all it is a great expression of love this Christmas Season. . 

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