Sunday, November 15, 2015

Nature in Photography and Poetry in 16 Scenes

Dr Abe V Rotor
Living with Nature School on Blog
Paaralang Himpapawid (School on Air) with Ms Melly C Tenorio
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In each leaf a fountain 
stored from cloud and dew;
I won't thirst on my travel
even days without rain

Beauty begets beauty,
but only for a time;
sooner of later fades, 
with its scent divine. 

There's always a monkey on my back,
asleep or awake,
I lead the evolutionary track     
for all creatures' sake.

What tells you this owl this hour of day?
" I can't join you at night," the owl seems to say,
"with my hunting adventures around the bay,
and you on the computer night and day."

I won't pity you my friend
having reached your end, 
if worth a museum piece,
to disturb man's peace.

You are made of jelly, third state of matter:
colloid pulsing in the computer. 
But I would rather make you a prism 
in search of an unknown realm.

Let him be among the sand pipers and crustaceans;
to grow up unlike us away from sea and sun;
I wonder how we survived not having as much fun,  
in modern caves, concrete jungle, always on the run. 

Whiling away before a wooden frame;
sungka played wild and tame,  
turns friend to fiend; to loot and burn;
all's fair in this ethnic game.  

Tame, though its gene is wild;
sans its own kind in the wild,
human its master and king, 
and every guest its friend - 
but in a little while, one by one
until the species is gone, and lo!
the hero in the last hour, 
would he himself follow.   

Extinct beasts come alive in our midst,
challenging faith and tradition;
seeing is believing yet how nil these are
to the realm of understanding,
a God before and now, near and far,
makes man's awe and thanksgiving.  

Desert ship, the camel tame and dumb,
why of all places you have come? 
is it a new wasteland that you found
from forest and pasture land? 

Nothing beats the native chicken's taste,
and for the convalescing patient;
the karurayan all in immaculate white,
to the herbolario, an angel sent.  

Who can tell a beast from a baby?
all babies though are in a bind; 
and like our own it needs TLC,
orphaned from its own kind. 

It must be Pavlov's conditioned learning,
they come at the time of feeding,
and we, delighted of their friendliness 
believe we are kind and loving.

A baby elephant with sultry eyes
feeling the touch of a lovely lass;
for a mother's love is also weaned, 
as childhood soon will pass.

Stars of the sea were once 
stars in heaven that fell 
to bring joy in the deep blue 
which was thought as hell.  

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