Monday, November 9, 2015

Growing up on the Uplands: Imagination and Reason - Bridge of Child and Man

Dr Abe V Rotor
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Details of a mural The Uplands.  San Vicente, Ilocos Sur residence
c 2000

Many years ago when the world was young 
in the heart and mind;

when the uplands and hills and mountains,
were a world not really apart;

the sky was never empty of faces and birds flying, 
the biggest screen of art;

rills grew into stream, the river flowed to sea,
in a system, each one a part; 

in game and war the slingshot was companion,
a skillfully made craft;   

trees were in storeys, the tallest were high rise,
trails were avenues at the start; 

ponds grew in habagat and shrunk in amihan
leaving a natural fish trap;

camping was under trees, stove of three stones,
cariton a sort of  truck;

barefoot to feel the earth, defied cut and thorn,   
gravel, silt or muck; 

trophy was the hunted dalag or hito or gurami,   
or humbly some berry or nut;

knowledge grew into skill, into art and adventure,
the ultimate test and mark; 

imagination and reason, bridge of child and man,
life's reality a new start. ~

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