Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ecology Wall Mural brings Nature to our Home and Community (1st of a Series)

Ecology painting brings nature into our homes and communities to the delight of our children and folks, converts old and dirty walls into fresh landscapes with the ambiance of a park, if not the natural world.
Mural and Poem by Dr Abe V Rotor 

Panoramic View of mural (7 ft x 30 ft)
Wall mural in two panels shows details depicting harmony of man and nature. Author's residence in Lagro QC. 

Ecology painting records the conditions of the natural world, a good material for learning about the environment, its interrelationship with geography, natural resources and climate and their effects to daily life.

Ecology painting teaches us drawing and painting of beautiful scenes on the Philippine countryside,  such as Planting Rice, HarvestimeAngelus on the Farm, immortalized by our national artist Fernando Amorsolo and other Filipino artists.  

Ecology painting brings us to the world of Winslow Homer, famous for his Breezing Up (old man sailing with kids) and A House in the Bahamas, where he painted and wrote on the simple and beautiful life on this island nation. 

Ecology painting like On the Farm by Joan Miro'  teaches students of simple technology on how to collect rain after in an arid landscape, an on-site and hand-on approach in learning art and its application to life and the environment.

Ecology painting leads us to experience the impact of technology on the countryside as depicted in the painting by George Inness of the railroad to the countryside in mid-nineteenth century America that envisions the impact of development in the past and in the future.

Ecology painting leads us to Jean-Jacques  Rousseau in the Jungle, not in actual setting, but imagined scenes such as the Tropical Forest with Monkeys, a visit in nature's show windows from botanical gardens and zoos, to illustrations in books. 

Ecology painting re-creates the setting of the novels Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss and Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe, and lately, the multi-awarded movie Cast Away. 

Ecology painting traces the early evolution of living things as depicted in fiction such as The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle, Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne, and Jurrasic Park, a movie directed by Steven Spielberg.  

Ecology painting offers a balance to commercial art that focuses on trade and commerce in the form of advertisements, billboards; it brings  to mind the importance of nature to cushion the effects of a highly industrialized world. 

  Four Sections of the Mural  
                       Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of all? 
This wall mural tells and warns us before the Fall. 

Orangutan and her baby perched in a tree their home -
mother and child model in the wild - and for whom?

A pair of gray herons patiently stalks for prey,
no fast food, no detritus, even if it takes a day.

Too small a herd, remnant of an endangered kind;
bless he who has seen a deer free, it's a lucky find.

Kakapo, macaw, or parrot talking birds and colorful;
Bird of Paradise the rarest and brightest of them all.

Serene these creatures live in peace and harmony;
wouldn't we humans wish - if only there were many?

Owl, symbol of wisdom, sentinel of the night 
joins a myriad creatures in early daylight.

Caterpillars metamorphose into butterflies,  
higad into moth; naiads into dragonflies.   

Gecko lizards, exchanging calls in the night, 
into their lair pledge love out of our sight.

Fly a white dove in the sky in search of its kind,  
symbol to humans peace and love combined.   

Jump for joy and freedom a dolphin pair,
where unspoiled the land, water and air.

Sea gulls herald good weather of the day;
a lighthouse warns ships crossing the bay.  

Marine iguana, coconut crab, rarest to find,
save this corner of Eden, home of their kind,  

Among mollusk and echinoderms in this zone;
where the sea laughs, talks, rolls on and on.

Nest in a tree a mother hawk takes care of her brood;
scenario we wish, rather than living on the busy road.

A pair of love birds "'til death thou us part" bound;
while a third warns of danger stalking the ground.

A boa constrictor poised to strike or just resting,
makes a fairy tale and adventure fascinating.  

Butterflies and bees too, have their share of the scene;
fluttering, buzzing in disguise, discreet on the screen.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of all?
This wall mural tells and warns us before the Fall. ~

 Author talks about his mural

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