Wednesday, November 18, 2015

All about Insects - Self Administered Test

Dr Abe V Rotor
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 1. The study of insects is Entomology. Kasama dito ang mga relatives niya.

2. Lahat na insekto ay may 6 na paa – sa lahat na life stages nila.

Cotton Stainer - Dysdercus megaloiygus

3. Magkamaganak ang insekto sa sugpo at alimango, ganon din an gagamba.

4. If you find harmful insects around, the best thing to do is spray agad parang masugpo.

5. You can prepare a simple solution to keep off insects in your garden: crushed garlic, little soap and kerosene and a baldi of water – just water on the plants.

6. IPM means Integrated Pest Management – universally the standard in pest control.

7. The first to adopt in IPM ay ang wastong pagbubukid, sanitation, cleanliness.

8. Ang ikalawang bahagi ng IPM is the protection and encouragement of natural
enemies of harmful insects.

9. Ang mga sumusunod ay tinatawag social insects: termites, ants and bees.

10. Colonies of aphids, scale insects, mites are pseudo-social in nature.

11. Lahat na grasshopper, if starved and threatened will form the congregans and migratoria stages.

12. Social insects are strictly matriarchal that is, the queen is the head of the colony.

13. Preying mantis mating is characterized by the killing and feeding of the male by the female to insure fertilization – and the continuation of the species.

14. Among the exotic insects for gourmet is the field cricket, Gryllotalpha africana or camaro.

15. Ticks, flea, bedbugs, centipedes all belong to the fame family – Hexapoda.

16. The Chinese are fond of taking care of field rickets as pet – insects instead of dogs.

 Coconut beetle (Oryctes rhinocerus)

17. There are insects that live for 17 years, other 20 years – or even more.

18. The shortest living insect is the Mayfly – lacewing, called Ephemerid (Family Ephemerida).

 Green Bug (Nezara viridula) 

19. Aphids and scale insects form colonies so that they are classified social insects.

20. As a general rule, chemical control is the last resort in pest control.

21. A number of TV and print advertisements on spraying insects are predisposing users to danger from the pesticides.

22. Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring, criticize pesticide manufacturers for the annihilation of birds that feed on insects and sprayed crops.

23. In swarming, different colonies on the same species are timed simultaneously to encourage cross breeding.

24. The queen termite mates only once in her lifetime, so with the honeybee queen.

25. The firefly carries a lamp – bioluminescence that is almost all light, and very little heat. It is the most efficient light emitted by living organisms. ~

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