Sunday, November 15, 2015

Impressionistic Painting: Deciduous Trees

Dr. Abe V. Rotor 
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Deciduous Trees in acrylic by the author c 2000


You lose your crown that you may gain
     Freedom to reach out for the sky;
For the sun to bathe your whole being,
     To raise the lowly where they lie.

The sky and ground now become one,
     Renewing faith in new life to beam;
Rises the sun the prime mover all,
     To flow through the living stream.

You litter the floor, keep in the rain,
     Feed the microbes, the brute you tame,
Breaking the carbon back to its form,
     And the genie for the next game.

Seasons may come and go, obedient
     And humble are your ways untold;
Your old gene, it’s the key to loving
     Your kin, and fighting the bold.

Against the wind and scanty rain;
     The inner signal comes around
Ticking, then it comes, it is fall;
     You have earned a bigger crown. ~

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