Thursday, November 26, 2015

Paaralang Bayan sa Himpapawid (People’s School-on-the-Air): 10th Year (2006 - 2015 Phase II) A Quest for Functional Literacy

Lessons in Paaralang Bayan sa Himpapawid are posted on (Living with Nature), and simultaneously broadcast and read by the audience worldwide. Living with Nature won the best Blog for Nature and Environment (Bloggys 2015 Philippine Awards 2015)
 Ka Abe (right) and Ka Melly (2nd from left) with technical staff: Engr. Susan Ayson and Mr Rolly Bumatayo. Not in the photo is Mr Orly Lopez and DZRB Manager Allan Allanigue.

Features of PBH:

1. The program’s thrust is functional literary which augments formal learning and general knowledge, and enriches personal and community experience.

2. PBH deals with issues consistent with the attainment of Philippine development objectives and preservation of Filipino values.

3. The program upholds norms and rules in attaining progress, peace and unity, and development of self-respect and dignity. It aims to tap the inner source of strength, and core of community cooperation.

4. PBH creates environmental awareness, teaching ways to maintain environmental balance to all sectors of society, particularly among the masses.

5. The program uses a medium of instruction in Filipino and English (Taglish) and a level of comprehension that cuts through the audience profile – school children, farmers, workers, housewives, out-of-school youth, and professionals alike.

6. PBH follows the format of easy and light lecture-discussion, and an ambiance that encourages direct audience participation. The program covers onsite lessons, interviews, and special events.

7. Reviews are conducted regularly through self-administered tests. Participants send their comments and suggestions to Radyo ng Bayan through the Internet [], e-mail, letters and other means.

8. The program pursues continuing research on current issues, and felt needs of listeners, tapping the expertise and resources of experts from various organizations and institutions.

9. PBH lessons are kept on file with PBS-DZRB. Copies in CD may be available at cost upon request to re-echo lessons for schools, organizations and similar purposes.

10. Paaralang Bayan sa Himpapawid is managed by PBS-DZRB, in cooperation with experts and volunteers from different disciplines. It has a tie up with outreach programs of schools, such as UST Graduate School, University of Perpetual Help, St. Paul University System. It works closely with government agencies (e.g. DOST, DA, SSS, LBP), and NGOs such as Agricultural Rural Development Foundation, and Spirulina Philippines. ~

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