Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Transience of Childhood in San Vicente

Abe V Rotor

In honor of Saint Vincent Ferrer whose feastday is April 5, but celebrated on the last Tuesday of April. This year, the town fiesta honoring him falls on April 26.

Transience of Childhood
Part of a mural painting (15.5 ft x 5 ft) by AVRotor.
The mural can be found at the old Municipal Hall.

This is a beautiful world to the young,
Faces grow on clouds and kites fly high,
In kaleidoscope against the setting sun.
The trees sing and nests sweetly cry.

If for all the fish and the Siberian breeze,
The fields are still, save a songbird,
The clock comes to a stop in hammock’s ease -
But a chime yonder is urging to be heard.

Not enough is summer, transient is the game;
It starts with glee and ends with a sigh,
And childhood ends. But never is the aim
Of the sky to make the little ones cry.

Freud and Thoreau – these great minds saw
What makes a man, the child of years ago,
Sitting by the pond or climbing on a bough,
His kite rising to heaven’s glow.

Painting presented to Mayor Jose Tabanda III by Dr. Abercio V. Rotor,
as a remembrance of happy childhood, the impressions of which are indelible
even to those who are far away from their beloved hometown. May 23, 2005

Living withNature, AVRotor

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