Monday, April 11, 2011

Burning of Rome and Birth of Christendom

Burning of Rome, Mural by AVR, 1997, former St. Paul Museum QC

Nero burned Rome into ruins and ashes
Inflamed by the caprice of the Pharisees;
Christians died with their faith in sacrifice
With Paul's blood, that they may again rise -

And they did to the present

Built by their faith and martyrdom.~

Emperor Nero is said to have torched Rome that burned for days, and insanely sang with a lyre, thrilled by the scene of the inferno. Christians were blamed for the conflagration and Paul of Tarsus, a former Roman general turned staunch disciple of Christ, was led to his execution. He is popularly known today as Saint Paul the Apostle, a revered martyr and writer - he wrote nearly a third of the Bible's new testament. ~

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