Sunday, April 17, 2011

Peace and the Fish

Abe V Rotor
Living with Nature - School on Blog
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Lesson: Peace starts at home, it grows with the family - to face the test beyond - both time and space. How is peace and fish compared? Differentiated?

Fish Sanctuary, painting in acrylic, AVR

Once I was asked what really makes peace,
and I pondered on the fish;
With a paint brush, where does peace begin,
and started with the color green;

From there grow plants bubbling oxygen,
and take carbon from the fish its friend;
food to waste, waste to food in continuum,
though the mystery will ne'er be known.

Puzzling how life begins with the godly sun
in the magic of photosynthesis,
its energy transformed and shared by all
life and all its forms to exist -

sharing through cooperation, not competition,
should the world be one nation.
Again I was asked what really make peace;
this time I looked beyond the fish.

I see the family, I see the home with nature
in her care and nurture;
I see creation's niches of independence,
in each obedient dependence;

I see the institutions, man's legacy to society,
humanity and posterity;
Here peace is sown, it grows to weather the test,
though the world shall never rest. ~

Living with Nature, AV Rotor

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