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Part 3 - Self Administered Test on Myths. Legends and Tales

Abe V Rotor
Answer Key, Paaralang Bayan sa Himpapawid (School on Air)

Ancient Egyptians revered the cat. To kill a cat was punishable by death.

Give the missing word or keyword
1. Last part of corpse to decompose – hair.
2. Element that glows in cemeteries – phosphorus.
3. Tree that grows big and spreading in cemeteries – Acacia.
4. Errand of the gods and goddesses who is a boy forver, never growing old – Cupid.
5. Children’s story of a boy who flies and visit children in the homes and playground, who fought a pirate – Peter Pan

6. God of the Sea – Poseidon.
7. Island when Troy was found by Schliemann - Crete
8. One-eyed monster – Cyclops
9. Ghost appear on balete drive – white lady
10. If you follow where a dwende would go what grows around its dwelling – mushroom.

11. Province where we fondly associate with Ati-atihan –Aklan.
12. Prometheus defied Zeus by giving man _____ fire.
13. Old folk warn children of unseen spirits starting to roam around – twilight or takip silim.
14. Pestilence wich killed one-third of the population of Europe in the Middle Ages – Bubonic Plague
15. Famous author of horror novels, among them the House of the Seven Gable and Scarlet letter – Nathaniel Hawthorne

16. American short story writer, and poet, who couldn’t write without taking a shot of liqueur too many, The Raven. _ Edgar Allan Poe.
17. It is a poem written by the same author of a love one her tomb by the sea. The narrator laments deeply for her death, and even in her tomb you could feel the deep pain of broken heartedness. Title of the poem – after the woman’s name: Annabelle
18. The legend of Count Dracula the blood curdling vampire originated from what country? Romania
19. If you tame me you are responsible to me. What is essential is invisible to the eye. It is only through the heart that one speaks clearly – The Little Prince.
20. This is a plant that is so shy that a legend was built upon it – a certain shy Maria who turned into this plant – Makahiya.

21. At the end of a rainbow is _____ a pot of gold.
22. King who touches anything turns to gold – Midas.
23. Man turns into a wolf or into predatory animals – Werewolf.
24. Other name of Abominable Snowman to the Sherpas – Yeti (tatak kandado, made in China)
25. Paniwala na kulay ng dwende na swerte – Yellow or white; harmful – black

Bonus O Captain, My Captain – sino ang character na tinatalakay? Abraham Lincoln
By Walt Whitman. Grief and admiration to the great fallen leader written March 4, 1865
The only poem with rhyme and rhythm written by the poet. Ilan stanza? (3) Ilan lines? (8 lines each stanza in diminishing length). Ano ang last line – halos pareho sa last line ng first two stanzas (Fallen cold and dead.)

National epic of the Anglo Saxons – Beowulf (and Grendel)
Character in Robin Hood, giant of a man. 7 footer – Little John.
Author of Pardoner’s Tale – Geoffrey Chaucer ~

A frog turned into a prince by the power of a kiss by a princess
... and they lived happily ever after.

End of three parts

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