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Reviving the "Handyman" or “Do-it-yourself” Culture (Test 25 items, True or False)

Dr Abe V Rotor
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Bahay Kubo at Home

Advance Lesson: In time you will be able to build a Nipa Hut (grass hut) such as this, symbol of Philippine rich culture and fine craftsmanship.

1. Prune trees (cutting of branches) in summer when their branches are bare, and you can see which need to be cut. Use crosscut saw for smoother and even cut.

2. When cutting a large horizontal branch with saw or bolo, be sure you start on the upper side and continue on until it is severed. Never cut from underneath.

3. After cutting a branch, there is no need to paint the cut end with oil-based paint to prevent insects and pathogens.

4. When loosening the blade of electric fan, turn the knob clockwise.

5. It is important to disassemble the electric fan for thorough cleaning. Use a dry paintbrush first to remove dust and lint, and then wash blade, casing and body with warm water and soap. Oil axle and other moving parts.

6. Allow newly cemented flooring or pavement to set for a day before you open it for use.

7. In rotating tires of you car, follow the x pattern, so that the rear wheels go to the front, and the front wheel to the rear.

8. To prolong life of iron (plantsa) and ironing board, and making ironing safe and convenient make a banana leaf cushion or matting for the iron. Never scrap the bottom of the iron with knife or sandpaper.

9. For a practical Christmas tree, get a tall potted plant, and decorate it minimally. It will save you a lot of money and help reduce garbage.

10. Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact flourescent bulb to save on electricity.

11. Don't cut and kill palm trees and cycads - but offer instead their seedlings to be planted on Palm Suinday.

12. It is not recommended that cut hair gathered from beauty saloons and barbershops be made into wigs and pin cushions, because lice and certain diseases may be transmitted.

13. Egg white makes an excellent hair net (setting spray); it is rich in protein.

14. Beer is used in setting hair.

15. Lagis ng niyog with calamansi is as good if not better than most commercial hot oil. Mayonaise is an excellent hot oil substitute. Certain top stars use this.

16. Tea is good face wash (removes black and white heads), so with hugas bigas.

17. Am is a good food supplement for babies. This is obtained from rice in its final stage of cooking.

18. Dark curtains make a room look more spacious; light curtains create an opposite effect.

19. Plyboard is more durable than plywood of the same thickness.

20. Kiln-dried wood does not easily warp or shrink, that is why it is more expensive than ordinary lumber.

21. Initial charging of rechargeable batteries is necessary when using them for computers, cell phones and the like.

22. Most handy tools are designed for the right handed because there are few left handed. Left handed tools are made to order.

23. Today, it is more practical to use liquid tiles than conventional tiles; it is also more versatile and fits to suit different ambiance.

24. Today, prefabricated house parts are becoming more popular, from door and window assemblies to lattices and stone rafts. All you need is to order the prefab material and install it.

25. Reviving the handyman culture or do-it-yourself culture sets a motion of hobby, necessity, enthusiasm, creativity and opportunity to save and to earn, now appreciated worldwide. ~

Answers: False for items 1,6,12,18 & 19; the rest are true

24 – 25 outstanding
20 – 23 very good
16 – 19 good
12 – 15 pass
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