Friday, April 8, 2011

Insect with Many Eyes

Abe V Rotor
Living with Nature - School on Blog

Lesson: Poetry about an enigmatic creature, describing the nature of camouflage in the biological world and how it relates to human values. Enhancement of human interest makes science interesting specially among children. Write a poem on the importance of mimicry.

The Nymphalid skipper has features of the butterfly and the moth, like false eyes to scare off would-be predators. It is Crepuscular (dusk-active), whereas butterflies are diurnal and moths nocturnal.

Eyes, eyes, eyes,
Isn’t one, or two enough?
I wonder if having more
Would make you tough,
And me to laugh.

But I suppose you are,
By scaring the bold -
The lizard and birds
That invade your hold,
For me to behold.

And by Mesmer’s magic
Or Medusa’s gaze,
A living turns into stone
Or ghostly frieze -
That, I'm not pleased.

You scare the children, too,
From laughter and play,
Prod them home before dark
On Angelus to pray
You’re divine, I say. ~

Living with Nature, AVR

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