Thursday, April 14, 2011


Abe V Rotor
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Lesson: Honing imagination based on scientific theory - the beginning of life. What was the first form of life - protolife? From your readings draw or paint the earliest forms of life from your own imagination.

Blue-Green, experimental painting on glass, acrylic and oil, AVRotor (2003?)

Archean ended three billion years ago they say
when the first sign of life appeared;
Could it be a protein blob becoming cell?
Or a prokaryote heretofore unheard?

Could it be indigenous to earth or some alien
That rode of meteor's tail or meteorite?
Could it had risen from the raging ancient sea,
or spawned where the sun shone bright?

If blue greens, they charged the air with oxygen,
Paved the road to biodiversity to this day;
Paleozoic teemed with life and became fossils
that run our cars, build our cities today.

Life - matter is energy and energy is matter;
In between is the bridge of Providence;
From sun to plants, to animals, to human
It is mystery, faith sans evidence.

Yet, so little do we understand the cycle of life,
The living dies that others might live
In perpetual rhythm, living and non-living
In homeostasis, to give and to receive.

We presume we have uncoded life itself,
Playing a neo-Frankenstein role;
What life really is - little do we know,
Not having read the story at all.-

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Maria Ruth said...

hmmm... i like this painting...
Without Providence, there is no life...