Thursday, April 14, 2011

Part 2: Verses to live by

Abe V Rotor Living with Nature - School on Blog
"Only good wine grows mellow with age; So does a good man grow into a sage."
Young Charles Darwin after travelling around the world studying nature. He became one of the foremost scientists of the world. Unless cut and polished, a stone's a stone, Like a sleeping gene, unknown and alone. Nobly a life many men can choose, Yet prefer to live long and lose. Smoke foretells of a consequence; Pulse is life’s precious reference. Ephemeral and fleeting are our lives, when we don't watch sunset and sunrise. The past leaves a song to inherit, New to the young, but dying bit by bit. The crisis ambitious men and women face, Is loss of privacy to win a nameless case. Reality dies, it vanishes into a dream, And dream is reality again foreseen. False kindness makes another Waterloo Where well-meant advice find flaw. Who nods when old is wise and deep, Save he by the fireside asleep. The butterfly flutters to show her beauty; When at rest, exudes peace and serenity. Even nature fails to decipher correctly, Sending out freaks often too many. What greater joy in a man’s journal, But the story of a boy eternal. Once we have reached, but never knew We would fall down and look up anew. How many a resolve do we make to be humane, And yet fail, and say, “We are only human.” How do I know truth unspoken? When the heart has spoken? How could one find reason for living Unless he can see a new beginning. Beauty seen once may break many hearts That heal soon as the image departs. A weed is a flower in disguise. Need the eye and heart surmise? Broken promise drags us into deeper pit, Away from truth,and life’s pursuit. In the doldrums or in sudden gusts, The ship is safer with a bare mast. Nature is better fit when we depart; Content with her own matter and art. You can’t tell where a sailboat goes without a keel while the wind blows. Little in me dies that others might live, Here Lord, here’s my whole life to give. ~

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