Monday, April 4, 2011

How superstitious are you?

Abe V Rotor

Lesson: The lighter side of life - superstition. Take a break, whether you believe in superstition or not. It is part of the quaintness of living.

Lightning spawns mushrooms

1. When blessing a new vehicle, sprinkler fresh blood of chicken in tires and engine to bad omen of accident.

2. Place some coins in the foundation of buildings and other structures during ground breaking ceremony to make them strong and withstand time.

3. Don't give footwear as gift. The recipient must pay a token to break the spell of "kicking" the giver.

4. Bury placenta with rosary and pencil so that the child will be both intelligent and God-fearing.

5. Palms with crisscross lines (rapas Ilk) means the person is cruel.

6. Palms with netted lines means the person has an unorganized life (magulong buhay).

7. Shake (pagpagin) the items such as clothes after a customer had left without buying any, to break bad luck.

8. Place money in a bed pan (arinola), so that it becomes plentiful.

9. Babies that fall from their cradle do not suffer injury, thanks to their guardian angels.

10. When you give a wallet as gift be sure you put a coin or a money bill in it so that the wallet won’t run out of money.~

Yes, it's true. But what a strange mushroom! It's a stinkhorn, a rare one.

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