Monday, April 25, 2011

Earth Science (self-administered test)

Professor: Dr. A.V. Rotor

Part 1 - Multiple Choice: Copy the letter of the correct answer.
Knowledge Recall and Application
A. These are vital issues related to the subject. A. Pollution B. Global Warming C. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) D. Nuclear energy E. Biological warfare F. El NiƱo G. Natural farming H. Renewable energy I. Avian flu J. Drug abuse
__ 1. Increasing strength of hurricanes, worsening floods.
__ 2. Zero tillage, no application of synthetic chemicals
__ 3. Dendrothermal, geothermal
__ 4. Bt corn, US potato, Sav’rFlav’r and soya bean
__ 5. Chernobyl incident, also similar cases in US and Japan
__ 6. Climatic phenomenon characterized by extreme drought on one side of the globe and excessive rainfall on the other side.
__ 7. Anthrax spores carried by mail, actually happened in the US following the 9-11 incident.
__ 8. More and more teeners acquire the habit of smoking
__ 9. Thinning and disappearance of glaciers and ice caps.
_ 10. Viral epidemic affecting both humans and birds and fowls, including pigs.

B. These are Alternative energy sources: A. Dendrothermal B. Hydroelectric C. Biofuel D. Solar E. Tides and currents F. Wind G. Geothermal H. Steam I. Hydrogen J. Nuclear
__11. Energy generated by splitting the atom or fission.
__12. Energy generated by fusion, such as the source of power of the sun.
__13. Most practical energy to dry fish, clothes, grains, and the like.
__14. Ebbing and surging of the sea create energy, awaiting to be tapped.
__15. The prime mover of locomotives in the last two centuries much depended on this source.
__16. Firewood is still the most popular energy for cooking.
__17. This source of energy is symbolized by the “giant” Don Quijote fought in a novel written by Miquel de Cervantes.
__18. Tiwi in Albay is the show window of this energy, in fact a model for both local and foreign projects.
__19. Ambuklao, Binga, Chico River, Pantabangan exemplify this kind of energy.
__20 This is the main source of our electricity at home, communities and industries.

Part II . True or False (20 items) Discrimination, analysis, application
__21. Morals and ethics usually go together; they do not change from contry to country.
__22.Alcogas and alcohol are same and one. Both have the same purpose – as car fuel.
__23. “Over treatment” of a patient is an ethical issue on social justice.
__24. Genetic engineering is a sin, according to the Vatican’s new pronouncement.
__25. It is also a sin to kill a tree, beyond the literal sense.
__26. Using MSG, Aspartame, salitre may be morally acceptable but ethically wrong.
__27. A doctor prescribes an antibiotic about to expire. This is morally and ethically acceptable.
__28. Laban ng gagamba, laban ng beetles, cockfighting – these are moral and ethical.
__29. We are responsible for the consequences of our action – Principle of double effect.
__30. You can recall a genetically modified organism (GMO) back to its natural general constitution.

Part III. Essay (Expression, reasoning, organization): Answer two only as prescribed - 10 points
A. In developing countries such as the Philippines it is advisable to use sugarcane, cassava and corn, to order to produce alcohol for our vehicles. Yes___ No ___ Reason for your answer: _______________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________
B. There are now new shipping lanes, many ships are bypassing the Suez and Panama Canals. How did this come about? ____________________________________________________________________________
C. What is alcogas” _____________________________ E10? ____________________________________
D. A taxi driver has TB, refuses treatment, and continues with his trade. He can be apprehended under the law. Yes/No Support your answer. ________________________________________________________
E. “I’m not a plastic bag” means ___________________________________________________________
F. Smoking is a sin.

Note: Answers will be posted in a week's time.

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