Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Fine Edge of Awareness

Happy Birthday, Mackie!
Dr Abe V Rotor
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Mackie, 4 builds a pyramid and a tower. 

Awareness is like the light of dawn, emerging from the darkness of night, and little by little opens the curtain for the day's drama, revealing the characters who are none other but us. 

Awareness comes early and ends with the last breath, a womb-to-tomb phenomenon of life, taking no exception, unless by circumstance consciousness takes the wrong turn.

Awareness to a child is innocence imbibing the stimuli that the five senses perceive, whether these be desirable or not, for which reason the role of guardians is most vital.

Awareness builds knowledge, hones sensitivity and creates a sense of awe and wonder at creation, in order to know more about the world, and to accept those that cannot be explained. 

Awareness builds love in its countless expressions, from self to neighbor, family to community, ultimately to humanity and God - love that brings peace and unity in the world. 

Awareness is building lines of communication of understanding among people, and among creatures, the environment, the universe, through the power of the mind and sincerity of intention. 

Awareness is knowing the limits of man in his pursuit of happiness, power and glory, through his technology, more so in recognizing the impact - good or evil - of his pursuits.

Awareness is keeping the environment clean and orderly, preserving its pristine and balance state, by following the laws and rules of nature in whatever human activity.

Awareness is giving and sharing equitably, for "having too much means others have so little," greed the greatest sin, the root cause of war, the biggest denial to fellowmen and to God.          

Awareness is lending a hand unconditionally, taking the road less trodden and being a  Samaritan in one's own way, reaching out for the hungry, thirsty, naked, imprisoned, and lonely. ~

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