Monday, September 26, 2016

Birth and Upheaval of Our Planet Earth

Dr Abe V Rotor 
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Primordium mural on canvas (4ft x 10ft) by the author 2007 

Primordium of a protoplanet born from a star, the sun, orbiting with eight others; ours the Earth - the third planet, fiery and chaotic  beyond imagination but gradually cooling off until some one billion years ago;   
  • early earth was lifeless with ever-changing landscape, fiction portrays, simulating the geologic processes gradually and spontaneously giving birth to protolife in pre-cellular forms;  
  • protolife scientist Alexander Oparin offered an explanation: molecules combined in random under remote possibilities until giant protein molecules produced "the spark of life;" 
  • the ancestral origin of life, the Monerans evolved from prokaryotes to eukaryotes - the Protists, and later multicellular organisms, many of them are living fossils today; 
  • explosion and proliferation of life occurred as Oxygen, the by-product of early photosynthesis by cyanophytes favored aerobic organisms to spread out in number and complexity; 
  • proliferation of life everywhere defies the principles that govern the natural world we know today; life however is always part of Nature; without Nature our planet would be a lifeless one;   
  • Nature deepened by faith in a Great Maker, began to reveal more mysteries, challenge great minds, seek adventure, build universities and churches, and other institutions;  
  • integration and interconnections of living things on one hand, and the living and the non-living world on the other, gave rise to ecosystems, collectively comprising the biosphere;   
  • exploitation of Nature from nomadic life to agriculture and growth of communities, pushed the frontiers of Green Revolution, and lately modifying the genetic makeup of organisms;  
  • genetic engineering is playing God's role, defying age-old values and blindly embracing change in the name of progress in materialistic and immediate gains to attain the "Good Life;"  
  • the Good Life led to population explosion, global warming, destruction of natural resources, pollution, etc, destroying our world through a phenomenon called autotoxicity - self-destruction;  
  • inventions gone wild threaten man as a species, and the whole world itself: splitting the atom, cracking the code of life, inventing the microchips, and their consequent and collective effects;
  • shrinking the world into a village condenses man's lifetime into careers, riches, pleasures save true happiness, resulting in millions losing hope and failure to find meaning in their lives; 
  • myth and legends tell of  Icarus, Narcissus, the madman who defaced the Pieta; while we ask where is the boy who saved Holland, the likes of Malala, of Wangari who planted a million trees?; 
  • reverse evolution which Darwin downplayed warns of the return of man to his early beginnings as survivors of weapons of mass destruction, threatening the world of a postmodern Armageddon;   
  • Armageddon takes us back into pre-civilization, unless we heed Malthus, Nostradamus,  Hardin,s Tragedy of the Commons Toffler's Future Shock, so with Gibbon's Rise and Fall of Civilization;
  • "progress" and breakthroughs in science and technology, advancement of civilization, make a curtain on the stage, behind it are the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse marching - discreet but real. ~          

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