Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Re-use PET bottles at home

PET bottles provide a lot of inventive ideas and innovations, and ways of saving money. Here are 10 simple and practical projects which you can put up at home, for economic and environmental benefits.
Dr Abe V Rotor
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1. Garden pots. (Punch holes on the lower side, not at the bottom) 
2.  Hydroponics (floating garden pots) for vegetables, herbal and ornamental
3. Aquarium pump filter extends life of machine, and for easier maintenance.  
                                      4. Birds' water fountain (automatic watering trough). 
                                             Design one according to your need.    
5. Pet food container, also for grains, beans, seeds for planting (binhi)
6. Funnel mainly for solids, and heavy liquids like oil. 
7. Handy Man's Tool organizer, gardening, house repair.  

8. Artist's tool organizer 

9. Second generation container for food and water, also non-food like detergents. Caution: PET bottles are not safe to corrosive substances, like alcohol and acids. Label each container according to its content.   
10. Hanging Garden, home and community project.

Add to this list other uses of PET bottles.  Share this lesson to your friends, school and community. 

* Polyethylene terephthalate (sometimes written poly(ethylene terephthalate)), commonly abbreviated PET, PETE, or the obsolete PETP or PET-P is a thermoplasticpolymer resin of the polyester family and is used in synthetic fibers; beverage, food and other liquid containers; thermoforming applications; and engineering resins often in combination with glass fiber. It may also be referred to by the brand name Dacron; in Britain, Terylene; or, in Russia and the former Soviet Union, Lavsan.

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