Friday, September 16, 2016

One Monday with Saint Paul

High rise the buildings are - towers and spires, 
proud symbols of power;
In deep silence I heard it seems the same words, 
"Why do you persecute me?" 
Dr Abe V Rotor
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                                                                                                St Paul University QC campus
One Monday I visited Saint Paul with inquiries I never asked before;
Fifteen years I served him, a teacher of this school, keeper of a museum;
Time has changed the world, global is its effect, would St Paul tell me
More of the ways of the world to give life a meaning? So did I assume.  

"Tell me where Damascus Road is, where you heard God speak;
Tell me how you crossed the Mediterranean in a storm and survived; 
Tell me how you carried the Word among unbelievers and Pharisees;
Tell me how you faced death yet keep alive your faith and noble pride.

"Tell me where have the Gentiles you converted and followers gone;
Tell me how you wrote the scriptures that gave the bible a wider view;
Tell me how man can become a saint and a saint to become man; 
Tell me how to reach heaven without striving to be a martyr like you."  

The sun rose high, sending reflection of gray clouds on giant glass panes; 
The pavement is bare, the marble floor a mirage, yet empty as the sea;
High rise the buildings are - towers and spires, proud symbols of power;
In deep silence I imagined the same words, "Why do you persecute me?"  ~

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