Thursday, September 29, 2016


Published by C and E Publishing Inc for the new General Curriculum (K2-12) 2015

About the Cover

The artist, Leo Carlo Rojas Rotor, BSFA-ID (UST), MIT (AdMU), redefines a difficult subject like literature on two fronts: the classic-tradition emanating from the beacon of a sacred temple on one, and the post-modern at the other extreme to which the beacon fades into the unknown.  In between the periodicity of time and space hangs in limbo the question, “Quo vadis?” (Where is literature going?)

The artist answers: Like in defining good government as government of, for and by the people, so is good literature.  As a binding force of a culture, literature is about people, their history, their beliefs and ideas. Literature is the mouthpiece of the people that carries their stories alive and beautiful from generation to generation.  Literature is their collective masterpiece, their imprimatur.  Literature is agent of change, never passive, never submissive; it is a pathfinder, a sailing vessel that brings “the promise of the tides.”

The artist’s confidence in his concept is seeing Rizal alive today, his ideas bearing fruits in a free world, Lola Basyang keeping children happy like in his time with mythology’s eternal magic, Balagtas in a new Renaissance in cinemas and the Internet, and Leona Florentino the muse of Philippine literature, unquestioned, undefiled.

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