Thursday, September 15, 2016

Stonewall Tests the Human Spirit

Stonewall is impermanent, although seemingly indestructible it may have been built, it is destroyed or abandoned by the builder himself, thus signifying triumph of the human spirit. ~ 

Dr Abe V Rotor
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                                                  Stonewall acrylic by the author. AVR 2016

Stonewall endures the passing of seasons - green in spring, golden in summer, orange to red in fall and gray in winter; the cycle being repeated through generations; 

Stonewall fences neighbors into niches seemingly miles apart, yet binds them into a community in which nearness and belongingness thrive on both sides;

Stonewall divides a country into opposing ideologies, of political, religious, socio-economic, cultural versions of freedom, equality, peace, brotherhood, progress;  

Stonewall is a cold heart, it is indifference, arrogance, greed, pride and prejudice that deny us from enjoying the brighter side of life - beautiful and compassionate;   

Stonewall speaks of history: the Hadrian Wall of old Britain, the Great Wall of China, the Wailing Wall of Jerusalem, the epic Wall of Troy, and our own old Intramuros;

Stonewall breaks through time, under the slow and persistent strangle of the giant banyan tree, alternate heat and cold, water freezing and thawing in crevices;

Stonewall succumbs to force majeure from earthquake to cyclone, and to man's relentless and insatiable quest for growth, modernization, and the “good life”.

Stonewall sees through some crevices or cracks, eyes that spy what is at either side, revealing the secrets for which it is built, and the treasure it has long kept;

Stonewall provides a benevolent home of organisms forming a community governed by energy flow and food web to become part of the living world;   

                                                   Living "eyes" on the stonewall

Stonewall is impermanent - indestructible it may have been built - yet it is either destroyed or abandoned by the builder himself, thus signifying triumph of the human spirit. ~ 

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