Saturday, September 3, 2016

Respite Before a Living Wall

Dr Abe V Rotor
A family takes a respite before a wall mural of Nature at author's residence, QC 2016

When things seem easy and smooth and life goes on with little reference to time and space, set at calm and peace - it may be the signal of doldrums coming;

When the way is clear, nothing seems to obstruct the view, the horizon infinite yet vanishing beyond it - it may be the sign of a chartless voyage to nowhere; 

When trust of an intelligent design that binds unity and harmony to the righteous brightens up yet dims the roadside - it is antithesis of goodness itself; 

When the world opens up to opportunities the young to explore and gain, swift is the current of change, fearless is adventure - it is haste in disguise;

When creatures big and small, fierce and coy, seen and minutiae, past and present, but only the works of art - it is beauty defiled, revered at its tomb; 

When the trees are filled with bird songs, whistle of passing breeze, at night time fireflies and stars twinkling - it is Nature singing, even in silence;

When reason gives in to creativity, the mind creates imagery unlimited: kind, wild, ephemeral, infinite, mysterious - it is art going wild, losing its essence;

When art grows, so with the heart for love and joy, humanities its discipline, even among postmodern trends - it is art put to test, the artist a hero or foe;

When the gathering of a family is prayer enough, it is also espousing the world in altruism and compassion - it is the greatest song, the sweetest melody on earth. 

When respite is not rest or loafing, but meditation, when the beauty of Nature is appreciated and loved - it is man's reverence to the Great Maker. ~

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