Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Nature's Embroidery

What's behind this embroidered talisay tree? 
Dr Abe V Rotor 
Living with Nature School on Blog 

Talisay or umbrella tree (Terminalia catappa), Cebu 2013

Embroidered reddening leaves of the umbrella tree,
     of what use is it to a passerby to stay, 
to a poet writing autumn in a dry country,  
     a painter whose landscapes are always gay?    

The leaves fall to the ground one by one like confetti,
     tattered they are, more so, as they all dry;
to whose honor bestowed such singular treat, if any, 
     but a child whose curiosity doesn't die. 

And he greets the tiny artist ensconced in a bag.
    "Hello, do you like the embroidery I made?" 
Rough is its art, far from the finesse of veil or rug,
     yet opened a new world to a future sage. ~ 

Two species of bagwaorm: Crypthothelea fuscescens (upper photos); 
Crypthothelea heckmeyeri (lower photos), Family Psychidae, Order Lepidoptera

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