Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Pleasance in Art: LET'S PAINT TOGETHER

Pleasance in Art:  LET'S PAINT TOGETHER 
Art is joy, art's therapy;

art's a happy story
on canvas or on the wall,
a divine gift to all.

 Dr Abe V Rotor
Murals painted by the artist in his residence in San Vicente, Ilocos Sur.

ASSIGNMENT:   Paint, yes you can. Join the group of old and young, beginners and enthusiasts, irrespective of faith, belief, personal condition, organization, and community. Get into action:

Get water-based latex paints, brush, plywood or canvas, from your nearest hardware and general store.
  • Primary colors: Hansa yellow, Toluidine red, Thalo blue (pint size) to begin with.
  • Gloss or flat white latex (liter size) for primer (first coat) and medium.  
  • Brushes: 1 piece each size: 1", 2";  round and flat brushes: fine, medium, large, (or get a set).
  • Hand spray canister (empty hair sprayer) to keep your painting fresh while painting.   
  • Canvas: Illustration board, plywood, mounted canvas cloth (do-it-yourself). Apply white primer first, let it dry.
  • Easel or stand. Improvise one; use as necessary. 
NOTE: Professional artists' tools and materials are expensive. Oil paints, watercolors, pastel colors have their own applications and preferences.  For now, use latex water-based paints (also called acrylic).
Underground river in Palawan painted on concrete wall with latex paint, with three dimensional effect from relief made of paint crust applied as paste to emphasize rocks. .   

Teachers, entrepreneurs - take time out
from school and whatever trade;
transients, residents, family, friends, 
leisure is life also made. 

An empty wall comes alive with freshness and joy and a message to the old world.

Young hands at work before an empty wall to make a mirror
of themselves for others to see now and in the years to come;
Innocence is preserved and revered, captured for posterity,
when childhood shall have passed its time, and life has began.  

Wonder how brief and natural, how swift the strokes to capture this 
catastrophe, an experience rare and daring, realistic and spontaneous.   

Youth expressed on canvas like an avalanche -
cascading river, and rocks falling;
ephemeral - then everything's suddenly calm,
life's passage for every human being.   

Loss of natural sense of belonging to one's birthplace is a crisis predisposing the young to move to the city in exchange of a simple and beautiful life..   

Take these kids into the blue sky and into their dreams,
vernacular and exotic said, real and fantasy;
bring down the mountains and valleys from their realms,
to where these kids long for the golden city.   

A grand dad, a retired university professor, by his side; 
this boy shall, all the world of beauty through the arts, abide. 

Two generations apart before a mural,
wonder which one lasts the longer;
Unless the artist himself's the maker,
whose will and thought last forever. 

One problem in comparative perspective  in this painting is solved by adding a small red sailboat in the distance, thus creating an illusion of prominence of  the islands. (Hundred Islands at Lingayen Gulf.).  

An artist is likened to Jonathan Swift's Gulliver, 
either in Lilliput where everything's small, 
or in Brobdingnag where everything's big;
at one time he's a midget, at another a giant,
his imagination soaring to the loftiest height. ~ 

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