Friday, May 11, 2018

Children's Painting Workshop: 12 Rules to become an artist at an early age

Children's Drawing and Painting Workshop:
 12 Rules to become an artist at an early age

Dr Abe V Rotor
Art Workshop Instructor
Living with Nature School on Blog 

Rule 1 - Work individually but in a group, better a class

Rule 2 - Work outdoor, preferably with your parentsUST Botanical Garden

Rule 3 - Have full freedom to choose the best spot to work, specially outdoor painting.Filinvest Homes II chapel area.
Rule 4 - Field demonstration is key to hands-on and on-site painting, provide an open forum session. UST Botanical Garden

Rule 5 - Have local works as model - professional and amateur. Peer instruction is encouraged. National Food Authority QC
Rule 6 - The Big Day - exhibition of selected works. Be sure every participant has exhibited works. National Food Authority QC

Rule 7 - Develop unity and harmony in relationship among participants, such as group singing, composite mural painting, drama skit. Filinvest Homes II Chapel QC
Rule 8 - Give awards, medals and citations to outstanding works and performances. Give a certificate of attendance or completion to each participant.
Filinvest II
Rule 9 - Involve parents, guardians, local leaders - they are co-instructors, source of inspiration and joy to children. Parents are actually learners, too. St. Paul University Museum QC
Rule 10 - Private moments - don't disturb, be a catalyst instead. It's the right brain, the seat of creativity working. UST Campus
Rule 11 - Take the children to reputable institutions like UST, famous for spatial arts, music and the performing arts.

Rule 12 - There is no specific style of painting to follow. Study the major schools or movements of art - realism, impressionism, expressionism, abstract and the like.  Just be natural.  Be yourself.  ~

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