Thursday, May 31, 2018

Endangered Coral Reef Murals - Endangered!

Behold the hand that makes, and Lo! 
The hand that ruins, or beauty sliding away from it... 

Mural paintings and Poem by Dr Abe V Rotor
Living with Nature School on Blog

Fast deteriorating murals exposed to the elements and neglect.  
There's need to rescue these wall murals before it is too late.

St. Paul University, Quezon City.

Far from Renoir's art, the colors of Rembrandt;
neither realism nor expressionism, though nil;
my brush just went rolling, rolling, and singing,
Neptune's tune, going with imagery and will.  

Far from the deep, and far from the ocean cove,
neither in a submarine nor with a diving gear,
the scene is as vivid as it had never been seen;
it's the inner mind, even with fading senses bear. 

There's time a thing, anything is viewed with awe,
and when it is no longer, when faded and worn;
in time in another view, this to be no longer true,
knowest a masterpiece however it was sworn. 

Through ages, neither continuous nor continuum,
that art and man, and man and art, not the same;
like the lost era that built the glorious renaissance,
the ancient, the ethnic, the unknown remain.~

Behold the hand that makes, and Lo! the hand
that ruins, or beauty sliding away from it,
the murals peeling off and the wall crumbling -
so with art, its heart, its message, its spirit. ~

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