Friday, May 11, 2018

Primeval Landscape: 10 Expressions

Dr Abe V Rotor
Primeval Landscape in acrylic and mohair canvas (2' x 3') AV Rotor 2017

A landscape five billions years ago, as old as the age of our planet Earth weaned from its mother star. the Sun, captured by the imagination; 

A landscape made of four elements the Greeks held in belief and respect to a Supreme Being: water, air, earth and fire, which we hold on to this day;

A landscape that mirrors the imagination exploring the mystery of the vast universe, 
and the mythological setting of different cultures in the past and present; 

A landscape ingrained in every living creature be it in the genes or archetypes that guide life and its network - the flow of energy and web of life;

A landscape expressed by any conceivable color, produced from primary colors, which in turn produce other colors, ultimately painting the rainbow;  

A landscape that influences thoughts, feelings and psyche of humans, individually and collectively, conforming with the seasons and appropriate occasions;

A landscape unique in itself, incomparable, immutable of its original form, like no two leaves or snowflakes are the same, irrespective of their numbers;

A landscape only Nature can repeat in unending diversity yet basically retaining its format and substance, through time and space; 

A landscape that is an expression of an Omnipotent Being that humbles man when proud, elevates him when down, leading him to the triumph of the human spirit;  

A landscape made through serendipity - fresh paints on canvas, exposed to rain, sun. wind, gravity, and other elements.  The true artist after all is the Divine Providence.~   

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