Wednesday, May 30, 2018

ASSIGNMENT: A list of native games

Revival of traditional games is an alternative to too much exposure to computer games, proliferation of electronic toys, and loafing. 
PHOTO: Teachers playing sungka as a break from the classroom. avr 

This topic is highly recommended  as a thesis subject, both on the undergraduate and graduate levels.  Or term or research paper.  Your school will simply like it.  Suggest to your teacher.  

On the community level, get your local leaders organize competitions of native games, say during fiesta, summer vacation, educational fair.

But first, explain each of these traditional games, their history and how they are played. Provide photos and illustrations of each game.  Better still, go out and practice outdoor photography. Visit the neighborhood, plaza, and side streets where these games are played.  Interview the kids and their guardians. 

This is also a good research in sociology and communication. Why not science and technology? You may show your work to your barangay leaders, teachers, and of course your friends.  

Why don't you join the initiative - a local movement on the renewal of our native games and sports.  Add more traditional games and sports to this list.  It will be a great favor to our readers and visitors of this Blog.    

Dr Abe V Rotor
Former professor UST, DLSU-D, SPU-QC

1.      Laban ng gagamba (gagambang hari)
2.      Sungka (PHOTO above)
3.      Patintero
4.      Taguan
5.      Luksong Tinik
6.      Tirador
7.      Sumpak
8.      Sumpit
9.      Kariton lata
10.  Pagulong

12.  Piko’
13.  Jolens
14.  Trumpo
15.  Yoyo (PHOTO)
16.  Luksong lubid
17.  Karrera sa tubig
18.  Tatching (coin)
19.  Cara crus
20.  Sabong Karera sa bao
21.  Palo sebo (PHOTO)
22.  Kawit (finger wrestling)
23.  Bunong braso (arm wrestling)
24.  Juego de anilyo (kabayo) Hit the pot
25.  Patpat palo
26.  Pabitin
27.  Juego de prenda11.  
28.  Carabao race
29.  Bitao/sabong (no slasher)
30.  Basagan ng itlog
31.  Rubber band sa lupa
32.  Pitik bulag
33.  Jack and poi
34.  Chinese checker
35.  Chinese garter
36.  Tumbang preso (can)
37.  Sikyo (bihagan)
38.  Tik-tak-toe
39.  Jack stone
40.  Tag of war
41.  Kabayo kabayohan
42.  Bahay bahayan
43.  Luto lutoan
44.  Bubbles of gumamela or tubing bakod
45.  Leaf propeller
46.  Paper plane
47.  Knife throwing
48.  Handkerchief parachute (last to reach ground)
49.  Stone throwing (farthest)
50.  Swimming (fastest, farthest)
51.  Diving (longest under water)
52.  Track and field (fastest),
53.  Obstacle race
54.  Sepak takrao (Indo)
55.  Sack race (foreign)
56.  March to Jerusalem (foreign)
57.  Fencing
58.  Sarangola fight
59.  Karera sa tayakad
60.  Native Judo and Boxing, ~

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