Thursday, May 10, 2018

Summer is Mad Dog Season. Take Heed.

Mad Dog!
Dr Abe V Rotor
Living with Nature - School on Blog
  (Note: This is scripted for this lesson.  Photograph of the author's pet, Niko, a Doberman, behind torn cage. Past his 15th year (centenarian if he were a human) he suffered of cataract and arthritis until his last year. An old dog may be mistaken by some people to be manifesting signs of a mad dog - which is, of course, not true.)

Mad dog!  Get out of its way.  Away from its reach. Take the children out of harm's way.

Here are signs to forewarn us. 
  • The dog's tail is tucked underneath
  • The animal is restless, biting at anything within its reach
  • Froth is coming from its mouth
  • It is unkempt
  • Its breathing is heavy and rapid, showing signs of distress
  • Its eyes are blank and threatening   
  • It stealthily moves about without any apparent direction
  • It dreads the presence of water (hydrophobia)
  • The season of mad dogs is during hot days - summer, though they occur any season. 
Be keen; keep distance; notify others of danger; get help. 

And if someone is bitten by a dog - even if it's apparently a healthy dog, maybe our own pet - don't take chances.  Take the victim to the nearest doctor or hospital without delay.

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