Thursday, May 10, 2018

Leaning Pisa Tree

Dr Abe V Rotor

Fire tree (Delonix regia,) Family Caesalpinaceae.

At first glance the road and tree are tilting toward each other - which only shows the extent of the "Living Pisa" phenomenon. The tree is found near the junction of Regalado and Fairview avenue going to SM Fairview in Quezon City.

Actually there are thousands of leaning trees in Metro Manila that are pruned to keep them from touching power lines and communication cables running overhead. These are actually the few survivors, but sooner or later they too, will give in to the consequences of deprivation and the law of gravity. ~

The Leaning Fire Tree

Fire tree, burn and speak with rage,
before your flowers become your wreath;
burn the whole day through to its edge,
but never die with the sunset. ~

NOTE: The tree was cut  down to give way to road expansion and MRT construction.

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