Tuesday, March 15, 2011

An invitation to tune in to Paaralan ng Bayan sa Himpapawid (People’s School-on-Air)

DZRB 738 KHz AM, 8 to 9 in the evening Manila time, Monday to Friday, broadcast on Bureau of Broadcast and Philippine Broadcasting Servce nationwide and abroad [www.pbs.gov.ph]

Ka Abe Rotor and Melly Tenorio
Paaralang Bayan won the Gawad Oscar Florendo
Award for Development Communication, now on
its sixth year, Phase II.

Manny Martinez, PhD

A wellspring of congratulation is the order of the day! Three years (Phase 2) of blind corners and dark alleys is not a walk in the park. Three years of live programming on air is a challenge that demands quick wit, presence of mind and being in the moment. The second you swat a fly is the instant you lose sight. To hold an hour long ‘’class’’ with a virtual audience requires a healthy dose of intuition, imagination and plenty of bar mitzvah. Things could easily get out of hand in no time when an unscreened call is aired - the price of going live.

The subtle and subdued manner of explanation by and between the tandemship of Dr.Rotor and Ka Melly Tenorio leaves a happy camper . Left to change , the chemistry of the two is beyond compare. One does not have to clarify a point to the other to be understood. One brings out the best of the other and vice-versa. They have the innate intelligence to read between the lines. Respect for each other makes possible as meeting of the minds. The combination must have cultivated the skill for the art of listening. When you speak to them on the phone, they do not only hear what you tell them but listen to what you are trying to communicate; a day and night difference.

The topic of discussion for the evening renders the dial unchangeable. One gets hooked . A lot of ’’Eureka!’’ "I did not know that!’’ "Is that so?" and more discoveries transpire on that hour of absorption that’s put one on a ‘’wow’’ trance-like state. I look forward to the next session. Every episode is a learning experience; mind-boggling at times because I cannot accept why I get low scores. I wish that ‘’paaralan ng bayan’’ will schedule replays at different hours of the day for the benefit of those who are unavailable at the time the program is aired.

A lot of people, young and old, will thank themselves for tuning into paaralan ng bayan. Age-old knowledge, wisdom, and experience that are not accessible in books or other printed materials are unselfishly shared. Here is where learning and education takes place at it best.

Dr.Rotor’s passion to bring old folks tales to the modern living room relives time past. He seeks to impress the value of yesterday’s raw intellect today. Not even the latest technology has the capacity and intelligence to observe the environment and living habits of a catfish. Here is where the genius of Dr. Rotor lies. He has this uncanny and unique ability to visually crystallize the objective. No wonder, Dr. Rotor possesses an encyclopedic pocket trivia, never before heard. His experience is his best teacher. The diverse field of interests that preoccupy his waking time covers every ology and osophy, psychology, biology, philosophy, to mention a few, merits distinction. You do not meet people like him every day.

Hurrah! Dr. Rotor . Hurrah! Ka Melly.

Paaralang Bayan sa Himpapawid consultants

Left to right: Prof Rey Pedroche, Dr Anselmo S Cabigan, the author, and Dr Manny Martinez.
Dr Martinez holds four (4) PhD degrees in the fields of management, and metaphysical science.

Philippine Information Agency Building, Visayas Avenue, Diliman QC.


Emy said...

Apo, saan a malukatan ti www.pbs.com.ph ditoy akin Amianan nga Amerika. Sapay koma ta matarimaan dayta a taeng tapno manggegmi met ti timekyo ditoy. Agyamankami.

avrotor said...

Naimbag nga aldawyo amin dita kakaillian, ket sapay koma ta nakaradkad kayo. Indatagmi ti problema kadagiti mangiturturong ti Bureau of Broadcast, kasta met ti PBS, ket sapay koma nga ma-upgradeda dagiti kagamitanda ti mabiit a tiempo. Toy sidadayaw. Ka Abe