Sunday, March 27, 2011

Never say goodbye to a stream

Abe V Rotor

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Lesson: Writing poetry about Nature

Make use of your eighth sense - naturalism.
Naturalists are those who talk to Nature and understand her language better than most people do. Read the works of Charles Darwin, Francis of Assisi and Aristotle, and contemporary naturalists like Peter Farb, Edwin Teale, EO Wilson, Attenborough, and Aldo Leopold.

Flow gently friendly stream, detail of mural, AVR 2010

I talked to the stream down the hill,
words softly came in whisper;

played with the colorful fish
going in and out of cover;

talked to the gathering cloud
as it fell into gentle shower;

watched the bees and butterflies
kissing flower after flower;

waved at the birds passing by
heading home for summer;

picked wild fruits and berries
to satiate my hunger;

brushed the grassy shore

and hushed the unseen under -

it's a quail, an old familiar friend,
dashing to its shelter;

I bathed in the stream of my boyhood,
cooling away an old fever;

and laughed - its water tickling my feet
as it headed for the river;

stream of no return, keep on flowing,
never shall I say goodbye - never. ~

Living with Nature, AVR

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