Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Armageddon, acrylic on glass, AVR

Abe V Rotor

The night has a thousand eyes,
bright and twinkling in song;
but one dreary night one cries
out, the cry of Armageddon.

No song can bring back the moon
and the stars - they've died out;
under a blanket of doom
where the spirits roam about.

No other but his own death,
and the earth's, man is doomed,
masked by power and wealth,
destined from cradle to tomb.~

1 comment:

John Lerry said...

Everything will eventually end up fading, it's the natural cycle of all things in this world. And when it comes, it means the end of all things. But, like a phoenix from the tales, after death, life will rise up. It is a challenge for humans to prove if they are worthy of being in this new world but as humans are natural survivors, they will get over this.