Monday, March 14, 2011

President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos Remembered

"This is the dawn."
means dawn, name of the most
popular Ilocano Magazine. It also reflects the
aspiration of Jose Rizal - "I die without seeing
the dawn of m
y native land."

Acclaimed one of the most moving prayers ever
written this universal prayer, Father of All
has been lost, except in the archives.

A thing of the past

Colossal stone monument of Marcos along Agoo (La Union)
enroute to Baguio City was totally demolished. Very little is
left of Marcos
memorabilla, but many people still speak
of him with endearing words
as a great person and leader
25 years after his exile
and subsequent demise.

Marcos' contemporaries in Asia were Mao Tze Tung (People's Republic of China), Chiang Kai Chek (Taiwan, Republic of China), Lee Kwan Yew (Singapore), Park Chung Hee (South Korea) and Dr Mahathir (Malaysia), Indira Gandhi of India, among others great leaders. These countries have metamorphosed from an underdeveloped status to one that is progressive and vibrant, outranking the Philippines and many countries of the world. ~

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